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Like being the most unpoplar kidd at the playground

So lj has become of no use to me. I came on here and was fine for like a month but as of September, almost every author that i am rermotely interested in is only posting on PH. The funny thing is I was gonna join that community like eons ago but i thought it was anonther plagiarism finder community and i was already apart of one of those so i didn't join; i could kick myself.. Seriously. I have tried to be added like a bazillion times but of course, so is everyone else. I'm starting to think that i'm gonna be apart of that percentage that will NEVER get in and it makes my tummy hurt. I sincerly feel like crying.

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Sit it out. We haven't even come close to entering everybody into our applicants excel page. We're hoping to do another add soonish. If you left all your info and stuff, you've got a chance :-)

How long have you been trying to be added? It's just that the ONLY person who can add new readers is off in Ireland and from what we've all been told, she'll only be adding the new readers when she gets back, I think, or when she has the time =|

This is why I get told a lot I'm such a distracted person xD I just read Samanthanicole's comment! Well, I'm sure they'll be adding you soon, don't worry ;)

yeah i get that its hard for them to get to everyone (totally makes sense)and i completely forgot that the only author that adds people is iun Ireland. I didnt write this put pressure on the members,, just trying to scope and see how many peole are in the same postition as me. I have retired myself from the whole resending info thing,, just gonna let the pebbles fall where they may..

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